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Recent Studies Document the Declining Economy Is Limiting the Ability of Many Nonprofits to Deliver Services

by Brenda Peluso

In a sector where data is often slow or hard to come by, a recent report on the economy’s impact on nonprofits is shedding light on the struggles of these community organizations at a time when intervention can still do some good. 

The report, released this week by the National Council of Nonprofits, examines findings from four national and nine state-specific surveys showing that nonprofits are trying to meet increasing demands for more services at the same time that their operating costs escalate and their revenues decline.

Read the full report: Special Report 8 – A-Respectful-Warning-Call-to-Our-Partners-in-Government-The-Economic-Crisis-Is-Unraveling-the-Social-Safety-Net-Faster-Than-Most-Realize

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