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Nonprofits Endorse Voting!

by Brenda Peluso

Get your employees registered to vote!

September 25th is National Voter Registration Day, the first-ever nationwide, nonpartisan effort to register thousands of voters on a single day. Why are we focuses on nonprofit employees?


  • Maine nonprofits employ well over 80,000 people, which is more than the construction and finance industries combined.
  • For the past three decades voters have been disproportionately of higher income, older or more partisan in their interests.
  • Of these more than 80,000 nonprofit employees, almost 90% work in the health & human services field and many of them are direct care providers. These workers tend not to be older or of higher income.

Because of America’s economic climate, now more than ever, is the time for nonprofit advocates, leaders, workers, employees, and volunteers to give a voice to our sector!


  1. Get Informed:  Download MANP’s 1-2-3 guide to voter registration.
  2. Get More Informed: Take Nonprofit Vote’s September 11th, 2PM, free webinar on National Voter Registration Day.
  3. Get Connected:  Register on Nonprofit Vote’s site as a participant in National Voter Registration Day. Encourage your members, affiliates and everyone in your network to sign up as well!
  4. Get Going! Schedule a voter registration day at your organization where any staff member who isn’t registered can register! Or assign one or two people to collect registrations from staff on an ongoing basis.

If you’re feeling ambitious, invite members of your community, volunteers, and those you serve to come in and register at your organization as well!

If you have any questions, be sure to call MANP’s Public Policy Director, Brenda Peluso at 871-1885 or email. Also, share your results with us! We would love to hear how the project is going.

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