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Public Policy + Advocacy

501c3 Nonprofits Can GOTV

by Jennifer Gray
Tomorrow is Primary Day and we’re kicking off a three-part blog series focused on the theme How 501c3 Nonprofits Can Engage in Elections. Today we’re highlighting the role of nonprofits in getting out the vote (GOTV), part 2 will cover Voter and Candidate Education, and part 3 will dig into Issue Advocacy. Why Should Nonprofits […]

Update from D.C.

by Jennifer Gray
The following content from the National Council of Nonprofits has been reprinted with permission. The Taking and Giving of Federal Appropriations As Congress is getting down to work on spending bills for fiscal year 2019 that starts in October, the Administration is calling on lawmakers to vote on rescinding (taking back) $15 billion in appropriations […]

End of Legislative Session … Maybe?

by Jennifer Gray
We anticipated that the final legislative session under the LePage Administration would be unique, but no one could have predicted the bizarre manner in which it ended. Facing the inability to get the 2/3 support needed in the House to extend the session and complete its work, the 128th Legislature adjourned sine die on Wednesday, […]

Maine Nonprofits + the 2018 Election

by Jennifer Gray
While 501(c)(3) nonprofits are prohibited from supporting or opposing candidates for public office, that does not mean they have to stay out of elections all together. Nonprofits can engage in issue education and Get Out the Vote initiatives. This year is an especially important year for nonprofits to foster civic engagement and raise awareness about […]

What’s UBIT + Why Your Organization Should Pay Attention to Recent Changes

by Jennifer Gray
Updated May 7, 2018 UBIT stands for unrelated business income tax. The federal tax law passed at the end of last year included changes to UBIT that directly impacts nonprofits. Not only should your organization pay attention to the changes to see if you are impacted but we also need to know how your organization […]

Why Maine Nonprofits Should Care About the 2020 Census

by Jennifer Gray
The 2020 Census will soon be upon us. Unfortunately, there are concerns about the upcoming census including whether it has sufficient funding, whether there be accurate counting, and whether all of the questions have been adequately tested. Census data is used to determine Congressional representation and federal funding distributions – critical decisions that have the […]

Must Read Content + Using Research and Analysis to Make Change

by Jennifer Gray
If you’re interested in the subjects of compelling framing to move people to action and/or using data effectively, consider attending these workshops scheduled for June 20: Frames that Work: Say This, Not That and Marketing Your Economic Contribution. The following content from the National Council of Nonprofits has been reprinted with permission. Advocacy In Action […]

Omnibus Spending Bill Details

by Jennifer Gray
The following content from the National Council of Nonprofits has been reprinted with permission. Omnibus Spending Bill Released No Anti-Johnson Amendment Rider Included Wednesday night, the House and Senate Appropriations Committees released the text of the omnibus spending bill, officially titled the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018, designed to fund the federal government through the […]

I May Not Have Seen Any Cherry Blossoms, But…

by Jennifer Gray
Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. wearing my Director of Advocacy for the Maine Philanthropy Center hat. Unfortunately, the weather was cold and windy and there were no cherry blossoms. However, the trip was excellent. I attended outstanding programs offered by the United Philanthropy Forum at the PolicyWorks and Foundations […]

Start Your Engines – Legislative Activity is Picking Up

by Jennifer Gray
Updated March 7, 2018 at 4:52 pm. Just when things were almost seeming a little sleepy at the State House, activity has clearly picked up. Last week, the State House was flooded with concerned citizens with different perspectives on gun control. The LePage administration also released it’s proposal for how to address Maine’s conformity with […]