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Legislative Lobbying

We are so proud to announce…

by Mary Erin Casale
…our 12 exhibitors for our annual Nonprofit Day at the State House! We had the difficult task of selecting a slate of organizations that demonstrate the diversity of the sector through a broad range of sizes, missions and geographic service areas. And we had so many great applicants! This was not an easy task. There […]

Before you celebrate, ADVOCATE!

by Mary Erin Casale
UPDATE : Thanks to your hard work, the IRS the Treasury Department and IRS announced that it is withdrawing the proposed Gift Substantiation regulation. The withdrawal of the flawed regulatory proposal is very good news for the public, for donors, and for the nonprofit community. The government was convinced that its proposal would have contributed to identity […]

127th Second Regular Session – aka the “short” session

by Mary Erin Casale
MANP Legislative Priorities After a rapid fire review of about 400 bill titles by the Legislative Council last Thursday, the agenda for the second regular session is nearly set. I say nearly for a few reasons – 1) there is an appeal process for rejected bills and 2) Governor LePage can submit bills at any […]

2016 Nonprofit Day at the State House

by Mary Erin Casale
MANP is excited to announce we will host our 13th Annual Nonprofit Day at the State House on January 14, 2016! This day is a unique opportunity to showcase the work of our member organizations while building relationships with legislators. Each year, twelve MANP members exhibit with us in the Hall of Flags during the Nonprofit […]

MANP’s 2015 Legislative Priorities

by Lori Gramlich
MANP’s advocacy program has three primary goals: Build the capacity of the nonprofit sector in Maine to engage in the democratic process in order to strengthen the causes they serve. We provide tools and resources to support nonprofits to be effective advocates and lobbyists, and encourage and equip nonprofits to get involved with specific issues and campaigns. Educate the public […]

State House 2015: What We’re Watching

by Lori Gramlich
The 127th Legislature has been busy preparing for the start of the long session in their two-year term, which begins today. Legislative Leadership Legislative leadership elections occurred last month, with Senator Michael Thibodeau elected as Senate President, Senator Garrett Mason as Majority Leader and Senator Andre Cushing as Assistant Leader. The Democrats have chosen Senator […]

Action Alert: Urge Congress to Permanently Extend Key Charitable Giving Incentives

by Lori Gramlich
Congress has only a few more days to pass legislation to extend key charitable giving incentives on a permanent basis. Senators are expected to pass a short-term tax bill that essentially renews three charitable giving incentives for only three weeks. That’s not good enough for the people and communities that nonprofits are able to serve through […]

“Who Has the Time” and Other Questions on Nonprofit Advocacy

by Guest Blogger
This guest post was contributed by David L. Thompson, National Council of Nonprofits. Recently, a nationally prominent nonprofit leader said this to an audience of people from public charities and private foundations: “Nonprofits have a duty to advocate on behalf of the people who have no voice, to demand social justice.” Many in the audience […]

LD 1664: An Act To Encourage Charitable Contributions to Nonprofit Organizations

by Brenda Peluso
The Biennial Budget passed by the 126th Maine Legislature late this past spring contained a $27,500 cap on itemized deductions including the charitable giving deduction.  LD 1664 would carve the charitable giving deduction out of the overall cap, preserving a tax deduction that benefits the greater good much more than it benefits the tax-payer. While […]

Senator James Boyle Submits Bill to Preserve Charitable Giving

by Brenda Peluso
As we’ve been reporting, a $27,500 cap on all itemized deductions, including the mortgage interest deduction and the charitable giving deduction, retroactive to January 2, 2013, was passed by the Maine Legislature last session. We have been working with several concerned legislators and are pleased to announce that Senator James Boyle (Gorham, Scarborough, Westbrook) has […]