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Election-related Activities

Its GO(TV) Time

by Mary Erin Casale
Well, the time is here. If you haven’t taken advantage of Maine’s incredibly accessible early vote options, TOMORROW is the day you GET OUT YOUR VOTE! All across Maine and the country, voters will head to the polls and cast their ballots. It is critical that nonprofit employees, board members and volunteers turn out. Elected […]

There’s an election in two weeks?

by Mary Erin Casale
In case you forgot, Tuesday, November 3rd is Election Day. With all the talk about 2016 and the seemingly endless presidential candidate news, it could be easy to overlook this “off-year” election. In fact, too many Mainers do just that. Secretary of State Matt Dunlap predicted that turnout this November could be as low as […]

How Can Nonprofits Comment on Policy During an Election Season?

by Brenda Peluso
Election season can be a time of heightened awareness of the issues your nonprofit works to improve everyday. How can nonprofits, who risk losing their exempt status if they cross the line into partisan politics, respond to proposals or statements without appearing to influence the upcoming election in any way? The Governor, one of our US Senators, both US […]