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Board/CEO Relationship

Mission-Driven Leadershift: Voices from the Field

by Molly O'Connell
In recognition of the leadership changes many of our members are facing–not to mention our own executive transition (bye, Scott!, hello, Jennifer!)–we launched our Mission Driven Leadershift initiative at the beginning of 2016. As part of this project we invited guest bloggers to share their thoughts and they delivered wise words and guidance you won’t want […]

Help Desk FAQ: What should you pay your executive director?

by Molly O'Connell
What should you pay your executive director? Nonprofit boards are responsible for establishing “reasonable and not excessive” compensation, that is attractive enough to retain the best possible talent to lead the organization. It’s an art, not a science, but to strike the balance, the board should use a three-step process referred to as the “rebuttable presumption“ used to establish […]

Start Your CEO Succession Planning with an Easy Conversation

by Guest Blogger
We are pleased to offer this post by Jeff Wahlstrom, President of Starboard Leadership Consulting, as part of our Mission Driven Leadershift series. While most nonprofit board members appreciate that one of their core responsibilities is, as they often put it, to “hire and fire” the chief executive, they usually work very hard to avoid doing either. Leadership […]

Succession: Lessons Learned on the Other Side…So Far

by Guest Blogger
We are pleased to offer this guest post by Laurie Wolf, President & CEO of Alaska’s Foraker Group, as part of our Mission Driven Leadershift series. Maybe it’s the increasing stress of running a nonprofit during challenging economic times. Maybe it’s the increasing expectation of the fast pace we are expected to keep. Or maybe it’s […]

Maine Leaders Reflect on Executive Transitions + Leadership Capacity

by Molly O'Connell
Is the coming wave of executive transitions overhyped? Based on the high attendance at our events this month on the topic, we don’t think so! We launched our Mission Driven Leadershift initiative in response to data showing that 2/3 of New England’s nonprofit executive directors expect to leave their positions in the next 5 years. This is not […]

FAQs about BoDs (Frequently Asked Questions about Boards of Directors)

by Katie Mae Simpson
Five Ways to Develop Your Board Some of the questions we get asked the most here at MANP are about board recruitment and development.   While recruiting and maintaining a committed and active board can be challenging, it is a vital part of operating a dynamic and healthy nonprofit organization. As you consider the best ways […]

Internal Executive Succession: Demystifying the Potential for Organizational Gains and Disasters

by Guest Blogger
We are pleased to offer this guest post by Thomas Adams, Director of Succession and Sustainability at Raffa, as part of our Mission Driven Leadershift series. Selecting an internal candidate as the next CEO/executive is full of opportunity and risk. Too often the choice seems so clear and compelling – an apparent no-brainer and obvious choice for the […]

New Research Encourages Leaders to Shift Their Thinking

by Molly O'Connell
Last week, Third Sector New England published the results of their Leadership New England survey. The report’s authors encourage leaders in the sector to make three shifts in perspective. #1 Shift the framework for succession planning to deep sustainability “It is time to change how the sector thinks about and approaches succession planning.” Almost 60% of responding […]

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Board

by Molly O'Connell
Has the nonprofit board outlived its purpose? What is working well about this model and what is distracting us from our missions? These are questions that over 100 nonprofit executive directors and board chairs gathered to discuss on November 20th in Bath, at MANP’s inaugural Executive Leadership Forum. As event facilitator, Mary Ellen Jackson, Executive […]

4 Trends Revealed in New Nonprofit Compensation Report

by Molly O'Connell
What stands out from MANP’s recently released 2014 Report on Nonprofit Wages + Benefits in Maine? 1. We are beginning to see the effects of slow economic recovery. 90% of organizations expect employment to stay the same or increase in the coming 12 months, as compared to only 62% in 2010. 63% of surveyed full-time […]