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MANP Presents to Maine Regulatory Fairness Board

by Brenda Peluso

The Maine Regulatory Fairness Board invites public testimony on regulatory & statutory issues that impact Maine’s nonprofit and for-profit businesses. Last month, MANP presented information about on going streamlining efforts to the board on behalf of nonprofits who contract with the Department of Health & Human Services.

In our testimony, we highlighted the important role nonprofits play in our communities and our economy, employing 1 in 7 Maine workers and contributing over $8 billion to the gross state product; and we outlined the stresses facing the sector as well as our efforts to address the ones related to problems in the nonprofit-government contracting system.  We let them know our purpose in testifying was not to ask for support on any one specific issue, but rather to make them aware of the efforts underway to find administrative efficiencies within the Department of Health & Human Services so that if we need their support in the future, they will be aware of history and hard work.

The Board asked that we continue to keep them informed and wondered if our approach might serve as a model for other initiatives.  We promised to share any “lessons learned”.

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