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MANP Hopeful Nonprofits Aren't Left Out of Health Care Reform

by Brenda Peluso

As I have posted in past blogs (Sept. 17, Sept. 1 &  Aug.14), we have been working to insure that any incentives for small employers who provide health coverage to their employees, should also provide incentives to small nonprofit employers.  The Chairman’s Mark of the Senate Finance Committee’s bill included an amendment proposed by Senator Kerry and backed by Senator Snowe.  This amendment gives small nonprofit employers a tax credit that they can apply toward their payroll taxes.

In the Senate HELP Committee’s bill, it states “employers with 50 or fewer fulltime workers who pay 60 percent or more of their employees’ health

insurance premiums will be permitted to receive program credits of up to $2,000 per employee to subsidize coverage.” This approach, however, will require appropriations battles every year.

The current version of health care reform coming from the House of Representatives does not include incentives for small nonprofit employers.

Shortly, both the full House and Senate will be debating the various health care reform bills and if each chamber passes legislation, their respective bills will go to conference where the two versions will be reconciled.

We will continue to follow the progress of the various bills and watch for issues that could impact nonprofit employers.

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