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How are you making Maine a better place?

by Mary Erin Casale

Our members are making Maine a better place to live. Your organizations nurture our minds, protect our environment, inform our government, educate our children and drive our economy – awe help nonprofits help mainell while also investing significant financial and human resources throughout the state. You are integral to every facet of our communities.

And part of our work here at MANP is elevating the work of our members. We want every corner of the state to know how their lives are enriched because of an organization like yours. One way we broadcast your work is through our Stories of Impact series. We’re inspired by the various ways you fulfill your missions and this series helps spread awareness of the powerful social AND economic impacts of nonprofits.

Currently, we are profiling members for both our Stories of Impact series and to highlight in our 2017 Adding Up Impact report, but we need your expert opinion. After all, who is more of an expert on your organization than you?! (But like we learned at our Executive Leadership Forum last year, we aren’t going to ask you for your story.) So start thinking about how is your organization making Maine a better place? What was your best day at work? How does your organization create jobs in Maine? What have you learned since you started working at your nonprofit? Why do you get up and go to work every day? What shows you you’re making a difference?

Then TELL US! Email me at No need to have a fully crafted piece already. We’ll schedule a brief interview to learn more about how we might help amplify your story, and whether it might be a candidate for this year’s series and/or report. We know that nonprofits are an excellent return on investment, now let’s tell everyone else! Email us today!

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