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Maine Nonprofit Corporations Annual Report Due June 3

by Molly O'Connell

June 3rd is the deadline for nonprofits incorporated in the State of Maine to file their annual report with the Secretary of State’s office. The annual filing may be done online or by mail and there is a $35 fee. For more information, visit the Bureau of Corporations’ website or contact the Bureau at  (207) 624-7752.

Nonprofits that fail to file their annual report on time will be subject to late fees or may face administrative dissolution.  Dissolution can also result in the loss of IRS tax-exemption so it is critical that nonprofit corporations stay on top of this annual filing date.  If you file annually online, you will receive a reminder each year; however, if you file a paper report, there is no reminder system and you will need to have a system in place to ensure that you meet the deadline.

The report is easy to complete and you will need the following information to do so:

  • Your Charter Number (not your tax ID number)
  • Name & Address of your Registered Agent (This may or may not be a “commercial” registered agent.  A Commercial Registered Agent is just someone you hire to be a responsible legal contact for the organization.  It could be your executive director, a board member, or other person whose connection to the organization and mailing address are stable.)
  • Names & Addresses of your current board of directors (These may be work addresses, but they must be street addresses.)

4 thoughts on “Maine Nonprofit Corporations Annual Report Due June 3

Robert Kennedy says:

I have a non-profit-Terra Petra. I just got a letter forwarded to me from Legal Zoom about reporting income; It was not sent to me right away-the State of Maine sent it to them. I do not want my little non-profit to be dissolved and not sure what to do next! I had the paper in my back pocket, washed my pants and it is destroyed. Help!

Brenda Peluso says:

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your question. I believe this is a phishing expedition on the part of Legal Zoom. The State of Maine may sell lists, but they do not contract with a third party to administer their reporting requirements – as far as we know.

The State requires three types of reporting from qualifying nonprofits. First, if you are a nonprofit corporation, you must file an annual report with the Bureau of Corporations – this requires no income information. You can check your status here:

Second, if you solicit contributions from the general public, you must comply with the Charitable Solicitations Act and either register with the state as “exempt” or get a license to fundraise. For more information, you can read our white paper on the subject:

Third, if you lobby or participate in ballot initiatives, beyond specific thresholds, you must register and report your activities. For more information on these reporting requirements, please read our “Raise Your Voice” toolkit:

And anytime you have questions, feel free to access our Answer Center or our Nonprofit Help Desk:

Good luck!

Cheryl Smith says:

I am Agent of Record as of 7/29/13 for the Wires Hill Road Homeowners Association, Durham, ME. The developers of this subdivision can provide me with no information, i.e. charter number or copies of past annual reports. Can you provide me with our charter number so that I can file our Annual Report.

Molly O'Connell says:

Hi Cheryl,

A Maine nonprofit corporation’s charter number, as well as information about the corporation’s standing and past filings, can be found using the state’s Interactive Corporate Services Corporate Name Search feature at I will email you directly with a little more information.

Take care,

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