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Fundraising Ideas - October's Case Study Feature

by Jessica Lantos

This month, we continue to feature some of our Case Studies. October is Fundraising month. Below are just a few ideas in our library, a great way to get you thinking on new ways to bring money into your organization:

What steps should an organization take before taking on a new fundraising venture? How long of a trial period is necessary to measure success?

Retail Aligned with Mission and Expertise

Utilizing Pilot Periods to Test Income Ventures

Wish Cards – a New Way of Giving

We are always looking for new, compelling case studies for our library. To add your stories to our collections, please let us know.

One thought on “Fundraising Ideas – October’s Case Study Feature

Not only is the store helping the bottom line for Habitat, it is providing a service to the community. During these tough economic times with reports indicating that homeowners are choosing to stay put and renovate rather than buy “up” the Habitat Store stands to do well. Additionally, low income folks can take advantage of the store’s low prices to repair, maintain and improve the conditions of their homes. Strategic fundraising planning that emphasizes the community as well the non profit is a recipe for success. Kudos to Habitat! Thank you Habitat for staying on mission.

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