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Fundraising: A Fall Resource Round-Up

by Molly O'Connell

Fall brings a sense of renewed purpose along with the beautiful leaves, crunchy apples and cozy sweaters. For those of us in the nonprofit world, this renewed purpose is often born out of passion for our charitable work, the flip side of which is the need to raise money to pay for it.

It’s unlikely that very many nonprofit board members or staff would cite asking for money as a their favorite part of their work, but I would hazard that most would say they enjoy building relationships, telling stories of positive impact, thinking strategically, and contributing to an organization’s ability to change lives and improve communities. These things are what fundraising is ultimately about.

To help you along your fundraising path, here is a round-up of recent articles and information.

Keeping It Legal

Get In Their Heads

In the spirit of know your audience…

Hone Your Message

Nothing is worse than getting to the end of an article/presentation/proposal and having no idea what the person was trying to say. So why is it when we write something ourselves, we feel the need to dress up our language to the point of obscuring our message?

  • In one of my favorite articles of recent months, an appeal for more clarity in our writing, including tools for assessing the clarity of your own.
  • Related, tips for streamlining your language and suggestions of jargon to avoid.

Be Strategic

Focus Inward – Build Your Skills


This list of resources is by no means comprehensive. What are your favorite fundraising tips & tricks? Sources of education and inspiration? Weigh in!

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