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Free SkillBuilders Available through Recovery Act Funding

by Rachael DeCruz

Through an American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grant from the US Department of Health & Human Services, the Maine Association of Nonprofits will be offering organizations fitting the ARRA grant requirements a limited number of coupons to attend our half-day nonprofit management training courses.  These coupons may be used at any of MANP’s publically advertised half-day SkillBuilder Programs between March 1, 2010 and September 29, 2011, and will cover the full cost of the half-day program. 

Selected organizations must meet one or more of the following criteria to be eligible for coupons through this grant:

  • They serve an economically depressed region.
  • They serve a population that has been hurt by the economic downturn.
  • They provide services to low income and disadvantaged populations.
  • Their income has been severely affected by the economic downturn. 

If you are interested in applying for one or more coupons for free ½ day training, please  download the Application for SkillBuilders Coupons and forward to Anne DiStefano by e-mail.   You may simply cut and paste the questions into the body of an e-mail.

5 thoughts on “Free SkillBuilders Available through Recovery Act Funding

Any information to help us is welcome.

Thank you.

Nancy Hathaway, President

Morgan Bay Zendo

I am interested in attending the “Correctly Classifying Workers” training and would like to take advantage of your coupon through the ARRA grant. We meet the following criteria: Serve a population that has been hurt by the economic downturn. We provide services to low income and disdvantaged populations. Our organization’s income has been severly effected by the economic downturn. Training that would help our organization include: Fundraising,Legal Compliance and Communications and Marketing. Thanks for your help. Darlene MacKinnon, 443-9783

Brenda Peluso says:

Hi Darlene – please download the application and send it back to us. We’ll be happy to process your request quickly. The link to the application is green and bold in the article above!

Good Morning:

I would like to apply for 4 Skillbuilders ARRA giveaway couons for the 2010/ 2011 season.

I believe we meet all the criteria required.

Thank you

Brenda Peluso says:

Hi Rita – please do. The application can be downloaded here:

Please complete and forward to Anne Distefano by e-mail ( or by fax 780-0346.

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