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Nonprofit Fraud: The Exception Not the Rule

by Scott Schnapp

In light of the recent news regarding the fraudulent use of funds contributed to Operation Tribute, a spotlight is on nonprofit practices.

As noted in a previous post, situations like these are very rare and are not segregated to the nonprofit sector, but do serve as a call to action to both nonprofits and donors to take advantage of the many resources available that support ethical practices and transparency.

When stories like Operation Tribute’s come to light, we sincerely hope that the public doesn’t leap to incorrect assumptions regarding the entire Maine nonprofit sector, as the overwhelming majority of Maine nonprofits are well-managed.

Nonprofit organizations fully recognize that operating in an ethical and accountable manner is essential to building public confidence and support for their missions, and that the sustainability of the nonprofit sector and its continuing impact on Maine’s quality of life is inextricably linked to the public’s trust.

As it has throughout its 20 year history of serving Maine’s nonprofit sector, MANP remains committed to promoting and supporting the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct among nonprofit leadership through the many programs, resources and services it offers the sector.

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