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Election 2020 - Super Tuesday Edition!

by Sarah Skillin Woodard

On Tuesday, March 3rd, Maine officially shifts from caucusing to secure presidential delegates to a primary vote. The hope of both parties is that the process will be simpler and will encourage broader participation. We are among 14 states voting on Super Tuesday. (To learn more about Super Tuesday, please read here.) On this day nearly half of the U.S. population will be eligible to vote and a third of the delegates will be available to Democratic presidential nominees.

Both registered Democrats and Republicans in Maine will be able to cast their votes for presidential nominees, but the Democrats will have 12 names on their ballot, while Republican voters will have only one, Donald Trump.

Ranked-choice voting will not be used in the presidential primary.

Both parties will likely continue to hold caucuses in order to activate their respective bases. To participate, please visit either the Republican or Democratic party websites.

Also on the ballot is a statewide referendum whether to eliminate religious and philosophic exemptions to mandatory childhood vaccinations.

The deadline to change party affiliation has passed, but anyone can register to vote right up until Primary Election Day.

To learn more about voting in Maine, including how to register, please visit the website or

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