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Dear Abby for Nonprofits

by Molly O'Connell

MANP offers free and unlimited nonprofit management support to our member organizations via our Nonprofit Management Help Desk, but we’re not the only ones to whom you can turn. Next time questions arise that can’t be answered by an article, guide or sample – as is often the case when theory and real life collide – try these sources for advice.

The Nonprofit Ethicist

From Nonprofit Quarterly

If your organization has questions about tricky board dynamics, potential conflicts of interest, gray area gifts, and other conundrums, write to the Nonprofit Ethicist to get the help you need to stay on (or return to) safe moral ground.

Ask Rita in HR

From Blue Avocado

Staff and volunteer management can be a minefield of liability issues, and whether you’ve got questions about bullies or background checks, insurance or interviews, social media use or socializing, Rita has you covered. Browse a long list of past questions + answers or submit your own.

Dr. Conflict

From Nonprofit Quarterly

If you dread going to meetings, tiptoe around  co-workers or have started investing in disguises, email Dr. Conflict (use the subject line “To Dr. Conflict”) to get advice on bringing your workplace or community conflict into the open so it can be resolved and everyone can breathe easier. (Breathing is very important, regardless of your mission.)

To the Point

From Don Kramer, Nonprofit Issues Editor

Mr. Kramer brings a legal perspective to a wide range of nonprofit management areas, including bylaws and tax-exemption,  governance, fundraising, and staff management. Most of us don’t look good in orange jumpsuits, so if you’re not sure whether something is on the right side of the law, ask a lawyer to weigh in (for free) through To the Point so you can take steps to avoid a life of crime.

Ask an Expert

From Bolder Advocacy

Make sure your lobbying and advocacy efforts are both effective and legal. Ask a team of advocacy coaches your questions about all aspects of nonprofit involvement in public policy.

What Are Your Go-To Sources for Advice?

There are many other opportunities for peer-to-peer advice through forums, social media outlets and local networking groups. What are your best sources for nonprofit management advice? Share them in the comments.

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