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Climate Change & Vulnerable Populations

by Brenda Peluso

Carsey Institute’s Policy Leadership Initiative is working with the Regulatory Assistance Project in Vermont to make these webinars addressing vulnerable populations and climate change available. 

  • Webinar #1: Monday, June 29; 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

“A Framework for Understanding Cap-and-Trade Design.” 

In this webinar, participants will be introduced to a framework for understanding cap-and-trade design, consider potential economic effects of several program design options, review the status of current relevant federal legislation, and discuss potential opportunities for advocate action.  Consider this webinar “cap-and-trade 101.”      

  • Webinar #2: Monday, July 27; 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

“Identifying Opportunities for Effective Use of Energy and Climate Program Funding.”

 In this webinar, presenters will articulate and discuss significant opportunities of importance to advocates, and strategic positions relative to use of energy and climate program funding. 

In both webinars, participants will discuss additional opportunities, and potential strategies for ensuring that both federal and state energy and climate legislation and programs develop in ways that meet the immediate and long-term needs of vulnerable families and communities.

 Registration information for the webinar on June 29 at 1 pm (Eastern Time):


–        Telephone: 1 800 406 9170

–        Attendee code: 3524113284 (plus # sign)

You are welcome to share this invitation with your colleagues.  In fact, we think many of your organizations would benefit by having more than one person participate.

After the second webinar, we will share a written guide that will include the content from the webinars along with new ideas and opportunities that were generated from the webinars. 

The two webinars and accompanying written materials will: 

  • Identify issues and opportunities of importance to low income advocates in the context of federal and state activity on energy and climate issues; 
  • Articulate strategy for use of federal stimulus funds, state Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) funds, and other funding sources associated with upcoming energy and climate legislation; and 
  • Facilitate a coherent conversation to further explore relevant issues, including: 
  • Identifying common challenges shared among states;
  • Sharing information about various state approaches, focusing on transferable lessons and mechanisms among participating states and programs; and
  • Developing a plan to share best practices and winning strategies among states, to leverage advances in specific areas across the region.

Curt Grimm (603-862-3788,

Deputy Director, the Carsey Institute 

Mica Stark (603-862-0306,

Outreach & Engagement Director, the Carsey Institute 

David Farnsworth (802-223-8199, Assistance Project

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