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Discounted Advertising in the 2022 Mainebiz Giving Guide

by Kelly McCormack
Maine’s nonprofits are major employers, significant contributors to the economy, and they play a vital role in creating, sustaining and improving Maine’s quality of life. MANP is excited to once again present this special opportunity for our nonprofit members to elevate their mission and work to Maine’s business sector. MANP’s longtime media partner Mainebiz produces […]

Nonprofit Board Compensation: Yes, you can compensate board members, but should you?

by Guest Blogger
The Byzantine legal and regulatory landscape governing nonprofit compensation has many organizations frustrated as they seek to answer the seemingly simply question of whether their organization can compensate board members as a tool to reduce barriers to board participation. If you are wondering whether your organization can compensate board directors, the answer is yes, you […]

Merger Advice from Your Peers

by Katie Manter
Nonprofit mergers are sometimes seen as a last resort in the face of financial crisis, but as highlighted in this article from Stanford Social Innovation Review, “mergers and acquisitions can be more than an escape plan, and instead help nonprofits preserve their mission and expand their impact.” On the flip side, nonprofits sometimes experience external […]

Updated and Expanded Special Report on Investing ARPA Funds in Nonprofits

by Mary Alice Scott
This article is re-printed with permission from National Council of Nonprofits. MANP’s advocacy work and our partnership with the National Council of Nonprofits is made possible by our members, and especially our Advocacy Network. Thank you! UPDATED REPORT: Strengthening State and Local Economies in Partnership with Nonprofits By the end of May, all 50 states and the District […]

Help Wanted – The Nonprofit Workforce Shortage in Maine (Part 2)

by Mary Alice Scott
In the first part of this series, we shared the data on the workforce shortage impacting Maine nonprofits. Organizations that continued to operate through the pandemic are facing multiple crises that have left them with fewer resources to operate and those who can are forced to provide services at higher rates. It’s one thing to […]

Help Wanted: The Nonprofit Workforce Shortage in Maine (Part 1)

by Mary Alice Scott
It’s no big secret, the workforce shortage in Maine is real and it’s impacting all of us. Whether its paramedics, childcare providers, or agricultural workers, employers are struggling to recruit and retain quality employees. Just take a look at our job board and you’ll see the breadth and depth of organizations looking to add to […]

The Push Is On For Nonprofit Pandemic and Workforce Shortage Relief

by Jennifer Hutchins
On Monday, a broad coalition of more than 60 national charitable nonprofit organizations sent a letter to President Biden and congressional leaders calling for “urgently needed pandemic and workforce shortage relief that will enable charitable organizations to fulfill their roles in our nation’s relief, recovery, and rebuilding.” The letter identifies nonprofit-specific policy solutions that would […]

The Organizational Model: How to Stay Grounded and Adaptive at the Same Time

by Guest Blogger
This article is reprinted with permission from the author, Steve Zimmerman, Principal of Spectrum Nonprofit Services, who will be presenting a two-part series entitled Rethinking Your Organizational Model to Ensure Agility + Resilience, on April 1st +8th, 2022. “In order to fly, you need something solid to take off from.” -P.L. Travers Among the many […]

The Data Show What We Know: The Nonprofit Helpers Need Help

by Guest Blogger
This article is re-printed with permission from the author, Amy Silver O’Leary, National Council of Nonprofits. MANP’s advocacy work and our partnership with the National Council of Nonprofits is made possible by our members, and especially our Advocacy Network. Thank you! New data provide further evidence that the public served by nonprofits continues to be at risk. […]

Silence Kills Collaboration

by Guest Blogger
Reprinted with permission from Communilogue. Empathy is a huge buzzword these days. Everyone’s talking about it (including me), writing about it and encouraging it of their employees. Although I think it’s great that people are seeing the value of taking the time and energy to truly understand others, I think there needs to be a […]