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A Tale from the Trenches: Lessons Learned in MANP’s Leadership Transition

by Scott Schnapp
We are pleased to offer this post by Scott Schnapp, MANP’s outgoing Executive Director, as part of our Mission Driven Leadershift series. Having spent the past few years inhabiting the parallel universes of leading MANP while also helping it prepare for a smooth transition has heightened my recognition of the opportunities and challenges inherent in a leadership […]

Hearing Scheduled on Restoring Charitable Giving Deductions, and Other Updates from Augusta

by Scott Schnapp
We are well into the legislative session, and have updates to share about the bills we’re watching. Encouraging Charitable Contributions In the last state budget, the legislature capped itemized deductions at $27,500, including charitable giving (undoing the work done in the 126th legislature with the passage of LD 1664 – An Act To Encourage Charitable Contributions to […]

How One Maine Organization Has Saved Millions for Mission

by Scott Schnapp
Kennebec Behavioral Health (KBH) has saved approximately $4 million over the past decade. How? Their story provides important lessons that all large mission-driven organizations should consider when making decisions about how to attract and support staff in an environment of tight budgets. When KBH’s new CEO Tom McAdam was crafting his organization’s budget back in 2004, premiums […]

The Creative Approach to Health Insurance Your Nonprofit Should Consider

by Scott Schnapp
Health insurance is likely one of the largest line items in your organization’s budget and therefore presents one of the best opportunities for meaningful savings that can be reinvested in your mission. Self-funding health insurance–the practice of an organization paying for individual employee health claims out of pocket instead of paying a monthly fixed premium to […]

Nonprofit Fraud: The Exception Not the Rule

by Scott Schnapp
In light of the recent news regarding the fraudulent use of funds contributed to Operation Tribute, a spotlight is on nonprofit practices. As noted in a previous post, situations like these are very rare and are not segregated to the nonprofit sector, but do serve as a call to action to both nonprofits and donors to take advantage […]

Nonprofits Not Takers, as Governor Suggests

by Scott Schnapp
In a recent post-election interview Governor LePage made the statement that Maine nonprofits “don’t pay their fair share”, and that “they are takers, not givers.” This kind of statement is misleading, and feeds a public perception that is just not based on the facts. It also unfairly maligns a sector comprised of highly valued organizations […]

Recent Embezzlement Not a Reflection on All Maine Nonprofits

by Scott Schnapp
While details continue to emerge regarding the massive embezzlement of funds from United Midcoast Charities by its longtime Board Chair, Rusty Brace, and feelings remain raw in the Camden community regarding how this possibly could have happened, it’s important for the public to recognize that these kinds of situations are very rare and not segregated […]

Growing Membership by Building and Expanding Value

by Scott Schnapp
Nonprofits that are dependent on membership revenue often invest their limited human and financial resources in short term, unsustainable strategies, focusing on expanding their membership through solicitation and persuasion rather than building and expanding a solid value proposition for their members. While short term positive impacts may result from these kind of strategies, they also […]