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The Push Is On For Nonprofit Pandemic and Workforce Shortage Relief

by Jennifer Hutchins
On Monday, a broad coalition of more than 60 national charitable nonprofit organizations sent a letter to President Biden and congressional leaders calling for “urgently needed pandemic and workforce shortage relief that will enable charitable organizations to fulfill their roles in our nation’s relief, recovery, and rebuilding.” The letter identifies nonprofit-specific policy solutions that would […]

130th Legislature: First Regular Session Summary

by Jennifer Hutchins
Maine legislators finally wrapped up the first session of the 130th Legislature this year, ending a highly unusual session. The new legislature did much of its committee work virtually, held sessions in the Augusta Civic Center, adjourned and reconvened, but ultimately adjourned in the State House and with the doors reopened to the public. MANP […]

How to Invest Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds

by Jennifer Hutchins
When Congress approved sending $350 billion in fiscal recovery funds to state, local, Tribal, and territorial governments as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), it expressly authorized those governments to invest resources in charitable nonprofits serving their communities. Specifically, governments may use the federal funds directly or through others, meaning that individual charitable […]

Taking Time to Celebrate

by Jennifer Hutchins
Looking back on 2020, Maine nonprofit staff and volunteers likely feel many things, but hopefully one is pride. In a year that turned out to be nothing like anyone planned and amidst enormous challenges, nonprofits across the state scrambled not just to adapt, but to connect, respond, contribute, and innovate. Many nonprofits ramped up operations […]

A Message from MANP

by Jennifer Hutchins
Dear Friends and Colleagues: We are sad and deeply affected by the murder of George Floyd and other incidents of racial injustice. We stand with our friends, colleagues and members of the Black community in the call for justice and change. As stewards of the Common Good, nonprofit organizations have the responsibility to ensure that […]

Nonprofit EDs: We all need a Yoda

by Jennifer Hutchins
Are your goals all set for 2020? Wondering how you’ll stick to them? All too frequently, nonprofit leaders have very high expectations for personal productivity and performance, yet don’t consider asking (i.e. paying) for help due to the constant pressure to spend every, last dollar on direct impact. Yet, we know from our peers in […]

Results from MaineCanDo Workplace Harassment Survey Released

by Jennifer Hutchins
MaineCanDo Survey Finds Both Men and Women Are Routinely Sexually Harassed at Work; Victims Fear Retaliation If They Report It Half of the 500+ respondents say they’ve experienced sexual harassment in a Maine workplace in first of its kind research in the state PORTLAND, ME – July 10, 2019 —  Offensive remarks and derogatory comments […]

What a Party! 25 Years Empowering People with Purpose

by Jennifer Hutchins
What an honor to celebrate Maine’s incredible nonprofit community and MANP’s 25th anniversary at UNE’s Innovation Hall last Thursday with 300+ Maine community and nonprofit leaders, each doing their part to power the common good and strengthen a remarkable network of people with purpose. Many thanks to all who braved the torrential downpour! We were […]

MANP Visits Nonprofit Leaders in Aroostook

by Jennifer Hutchins
Ever glimpse Saturn in Mars Hill? Or Neptune in Monticello? Did you know that Maine’s northernmost county is the same size as Connecticut and Rhode Island combined? We didn’t, and we wouldn’t have without our recent trip to Aroostook where the MANP Board and staff met dozens of nonprofit leaders doing admirable work to strengthen their […]

MANP at 25: Empowering People with Purpose!

by Jennifer Hutchins
Why do I love my work? Every day, I meet someone on a mission. Someone whose priority isn’t fame, wealth or power, but whose priority is to make Maine better, healthier, safer, more resilient, more equitable, more joyous…a greener place to live, work and play. These are people with purpose… people committed to serving the […]