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Are You 'Using Your Fundraising Software to Its Maximum Potential'?

by Rachael DeCruz

Many organizations aren’t using their fundraising software as effectively as they could be. Fundraising software is extremely complex, and few organizations and individuals have the time to invest in the proper training and utilization of their software. This half-day SkillBuilder will give you an overview of how to make sure you’re effectively utilizing all that your software has to offer – you’ll leave understanding how to get the most out of what’s already at your fingertips. The SkillBuilder is taking place on Friday, April 30th from 9:00 am – Noon at the Buker Community Center in Augusta. See below for a full course description, and click here to register.

Using Your Fundraising Software to its Maximum Potential

Is your fundraising software working for you? Come to this half-day SkillBuilder to learn ways to get the most from your current system. You’ll leave with a solid understanding of what your software is capable of – it’s quite possible that your software can do more than you realize.

This SkillBuilder will include:

  • Tips for cleaning up and organizing your data
  • Naming conventions for codes; how to create a better relationship between solicitation mailings and received gifts or invitations and attendance, and improve reporting
  • How to track moves management, membership, or event participation without specialized modules

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