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by Molly O'Connell
Ageism refers to discrimination and bias on the basis of age and manifests both as discrimination against older people (and sometimes younger people as well), and as a privileging or idealizing of youth. The following resources provide more resources and research about ageism as well as resources for building more age-positive organizations and communities.

A Leadership Model for Race Equity Impact

by Molly O'Connell
This leadership framework is a tool to support individuals and organizations in identifying how their practices can create and sustain race equity experiences and outcomes within the social sector. It is based on experience, research, and perspectives from the ProInspire team and many thought partners, and they expect to keep iterating on it as they […]

Ideas to Action Field Guide

by Katie Manter
The Field Guide shares adult learning tools that can help teams create successful learning and transformation projects.

Board Decision-Making Models

by Molly O'Connell
Nonprofit boards have a lot of flexibility to adopt or design decision-making models that align with their culture and values, promote inclusion, and foster shared power and leadership. Some organizations have received the message that following the particularly formal Robert’s Rules of Order model of parliamentary procedure is required, but it is not, and even […]

Land Acknowledgements

by Katie Manter
The following resources offer explanations of the significance of the practice of land acknowledgments, practical guidance, and recommendations for next steps.

Equitable Grantmaking

by Molly O'Connell
The following articles and tools reflect a range of perspectives and advice on how grantmaking can be more equitable.

Nonprofit Compensation

by Molly O'Connell
While many nonprofit organizations are run entirely by volunteers, many others hire employees to carry out the day-to-day work of their mission. In fact, 1 in 6 Maine workers is employed by a nonprofit. Compensation is one important variable in attracting and and retaining talented, committed people to effectively advance your goals.  Total compensation includes […]

Anti-Racism Resource Collection

by Molly O'Connell
A crowdsourced collection of anti-racism statements, resources, tools, and guidance.

Dismantling Racism Works Web Workbook

by Molly O'Connell
​​This website is a web-based version of a workbook designed originally to support the Dismantling Racism workshop offered by Dismantling Racism Works, a training collaborative that is not offering workshops or consulting support at this time. The workshop was one step in a longer process developed initially by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun over three […]

Community-Centric Fundraising

by Molly O'Connell
Community-Centric Fundraising is a movement to evolve how fundraising is done in the nonprofit sector. Its goal is to support fundraisers and other nonprofit professionals to re-examine every fundraising philosophy and practice they have been taught, engage in vigorous ongoing conversations, and explore doing fundraising in ways that reduce harm and further social justice.