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Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Assessments

by Molly O'Connell
The following tools can help teams map their personal and organizational awareness, understanding and integration of attitudes and behaviors that foster inclusion and equity across cultures. Several of these tools are fee-based and MANP does not endorse a particular product.

Data-Informed Organizations

by Molly O'Connell
An organization that is data-informed uses data to guide decisions with the goal of generating questions, making changes and improving outcomes. The following resources will help organizations assess how data-informed they are and how they can make better use of data to advance their missions.

Financial Self-Assessment

by Molly O'Connell
Nonprofit financial health is not a matter of endowment balances or grant size. Even nonprofits with large budgets must manage their resources to provide services effectively and to remain accountable to the public. Use this checklist to assess your organization’s financial management practices and identify areas for improvement.

Communications Assessment

by Mary Erin Casale
Spitfire developed the SmartScan as a free online tool to help nonprofits assess where they are poised to be communication powerhouses and where they have room to improve. Users answer a series of questions about their organization’s current practices and receive a tailored report detailing where they can focus attention to improve their communication.

Charting Impact

by Tim Brooks
Designed around five simple questions, Charting Impact is a common framework designed to help staff, boards, stakeholders, donors, volunteers, and others to work together, learn from each other and serve the community better. It complements planning, evaluation, and assessment that organizations already undertake, and can be used by nonprofits and foundations of all sizes and missions. […]

Diversity on Boards

by Tim Brooks
A compilation of resources to help nonprofit boards consider ways to reflect their stakeholders and communities and to bring more ideas and perspectives to the table.

Collaboration Effectiveness Assessment

by Tim Brooks
This tool provides a framework for thinking about the aspects of effective collaboration.

Board Self-Assessment Tool

by Tim Brooks
Even the best organizations need a periodic check-up to ensure they not only survive but thrive in today’s environment. A board self-assessment is the best place to start to check your board’s vital signs and identify practices and strategies for a healthy and energized board.