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4 Trends Revealed in New Nonprofit Compensation Report

by Molly O'Connell

What stands out from MANP’s recently released 2014 Report on Nonprofit Wages + Benefits in Maine?

1. We are beginning to see the effects of slow economic recovery.

  • 90% of organizations expect employment to stay the same or increase in the coming 12 months, as compared to only 62% in 2010.
  • 63% of surveyed full-time jobs kept pace with, or rose above, inflation.

2. EDsByGenderNonprofits can do more to address disparities.

  • Women hold the top leadership position at only 35% of nonprofits with budgets over $5 million.
  • A wage gap persists, with female executive directors of the largest organizations making just 72% of the salaries of their male counterparts.
  • The smallest salary increases over 2010 were concentrated in the lowest paying positions, while management level positions saw bigger gains.

3. Benefits costs are driving shifts in who pays.

  • 40% of organizations pay 100% of the premiums for employee health insurance, down 10% from six years ago.
  • 57% of reporting organizations leave it to their employees to find a way to fund their own retirement.

4. Participation in the survey continues to grow, strengthening report relevance.

  • 408 Maine nonprofit organizations are represented in this year’s report, an increase of 18% over 2010.
  • Salary data reflects over 9,000 employees at reporting agencies.
  • Wage data is available for 32 different job categories, with breakdowns by organization budget size.

How Can You Use This Tool?

Market comparison studies are a starting point for developing compensation strategies to recruit and retain talented employees. Objective salary data is essential to nonprofits that must justify organization compensation levels to their boards, the IRS and the general public.

This report is not a definitive answer on what nonprofits should pay their employees, but provides a frame of reference for what organizations are paying, and should be used to inform thoughtful conversations about compensation.

Find a free snapshot of the report, as well as ordering details. MANP members receive a 50% discount on this essential tool.

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