Candidates on Nonprofits

2016 Candidates on Nonprofits

Nonprofits represent democracy’s highest ideals of public service, active citizenship, and commitment to a better society. With their natural engagement assets and unparalleled reach, candidates for office should consider the issues of the sector during their campaigns. To further this conversation, we have surveyed all Maine’s 2016 candidates for federal and state office.


  1. Please describe your personal and professional experiences with nonprofit organizations.
  2. Please provide specific ways in which, if elected, you would partner with the nonprofit sector to advance policies that strengthen Maine.
  3. What is your position on property tax exemption for Maine nonprofit property owners?

Candidate Answers

Here are the answers of those who have responded to date:

1st Congressional District

  • Rep. Chellie Pingree
  • Mark Holbrook

2nd Congressional District

State Legislature House Districts (Maps and Descriptions):

Names + responses will be added as they are submitted

State House

State Senate

County Commissioner