Voter Engagement – Updated for 2020 Cycle

Candidates on Nonprofits

MANP encourages nonprofits to participate appropriately, legally, and fully in our democracy. We facilitate nonprofit voter engagement, and we ask all candidates for publicly elected office to talk about their experiences with and ideas for the nonprofit sector.

Charitable and educational nonprofits by charter must remain nonpartisan and not take sides for a candidate or party. However, nonpartisanship does not mean nonparticipation!

2018 Gubernatorial Candidate Conversation Series

New this year, MANP and Maine Philanthropy Center are hosting live webinars with each of the gubernatorial candidates to hear their thoughts on a list of questions shaped by a 29-member mission diverse steering committee.  Recordings are available here.

2018 Candidate Questionnaire

As in the past, we are also surveying all candidates for Maine office on the following questions.

  1. Please describe your personal and professional experiences with nonprofit organizations.
  2. Please provide specific ways in which, if elected, you would partner with the nonprofit sector to advance policies that strengthen Maine.
  3. What is your position on property tax exemption for Maine nonprofit property owners?

To complete the questionnaire, please use this easy, brief online form. (If you have trouble with the online form, you can download the form and return it by email or postal mail.)

Candidate Questionnaire Answers

The questionnaire was distributed in early August and names and responses will be added as they are submitted.

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MANP does not endorse candidates or promote or endorse any political party. MANP’s goal is to educate candidates by making them aware of the impact and potential of the nonprofit sector, and to educate voters by soliciting information directly from candidates on how they would strengthen and partner with the sector if elected.