2019 Nonprofit Day

Nonprofit Day 2019 was the 16th Annual Nonprofit Day and took place on January 17, 2019.

Hall of Flags Celebration

Each year on Nonprofit Day we showcase the diversity of the nonprofit sector in the Hall of Flags. Exhibitors are selected from applications received based on a variety of factors, including geography, mission, size, and membership history. The 2019 Nonprofit Day exhibitors were:

Nonprofit Day 2019 also featured

  • A free Spread the News webinar  to learn how you can raise awareness for your mission anywhere in the state on Nonprofit Day and beyond!
  • MANP’s free Frames That Work messaging toolkit
  • Infographics nonprofits could use to spread the word about Nonprofit Day and nonprofit impact
  • A celebratory MANP Mixer in Augusta.


Thank you to our 2019 Nonprofit Day sponsor