Nonprofit Day

16th Annual Nonprofit Day: January 17, 2019

Every day, Mainers rely on nonprofits to nurture our minds, protect our environment, inform our government, educate our children and drive our economy–all while investing significant financial and human resources throughout the state. Nonprofit Day is a collective day of action to raise awareness for how #NonprofitsWorkforME.

Together we can:

  • increase policymaker awareness of nonprofits and their vital contributions to Maine’s economy and way of life;
  • strengthen relationships between nonprofit leaders and public officials;
  • prepare to participate fully in the formation of public policy that impacts the communities they serve

Hall of Flags Celebration

Disability Rights Maine at Nonprofit Day 2018

Each year on Nonprofit Day we showcase the diversity of the nonprofit sector in the Hall of Flags. Exhibitors are selected form applications received based on a variety of factors, including geography, mission, size, and membership history. The 2019 Nonprofit Day exhibitors are:

Space limitations prevent us from including more than 12 exhibitors. Thank you to all the incredible organizations that applied!

Add  YOUR Voice on Nonprofit Day

  • Get messaging, tips and templates so you can use Nonprofit Day to raise awareness for your mission. Sign up for our free Spread the News webinar on January 8th.
  • Celebrate with us at our MANP Mixer in Augusta on January 17th.


Thank you to our 2019 Nonprofit Day sponsor:

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Past Nonprofit Days

Our first Nonprofit Day at the State House was held in 2004 and we’ve been back every year since. Check out previous Nonprofit Days and see how we’ve built the confidence of hundreds of nonprofits to participate in the public policy process. Browse photos, event schedules, and exhibitor lists from past Nonprofit Days.