Tax Policy

Taxes and tax policy are important to nonprofits because taxes finance government programs and services, many of which are delivered by nonprofits or received directly by those served by nonprofits. Tax policy can also serve as an incentive for giving to charitable organizations.

  • MANP supports policies that protect the tax-exempt status of nonprofits.
  • MANP opposes tax initiatives that would result in dividing 501(c)(3) organizations based on subject matter and philosophy.
  • MANP supports tax policies that increase charitable support for the sector.

Current + Past Efforts

Property Tax Exemption + Service Charges

Every legislative session brings challenges to nonprofit property tax exemption. As municipal budgets are squeezed, nonprofit property tax exemptions are scrutinized. MANP lobbies on behalf of the sector to preserve current property tax exemption laws and improve them when prudent.

Charitable Giving Incentives/IRA Rollover

The tax treatment of charitable contributions has a significant effect on charitable giving. Over the past few years, efforts to both increase incentives and cap incentives for high income earners have been on the table. Read more about this topic.