Role of Government

It is the role and duty of government to provide for and promote the safety, prosperity and general welfare of its citizens. The nonprofit community is dedicated to the same goals of public service and should be a leader in advocating for policies that recognize and support the fulfillment of this primary mission of government.

  • MANP supports nonprofit input on governmental policies, including the budget, that affect nonprofits or their constituents.
  • MANP opposes policies that place unnecessary burdens on the contractual relationship between government and nonprofit service providers.
  • MANP opposes policies that unnecessarily increase nonprofit business costs or interfere with their sound business practices.
  • MANP supports activities that strengthen nonprofits’ relationships with federal, state, county & local governments.

Current + Past Efforts

Partners in Health & Human Services

A large percentage of our membership contracts with the Maine Department of Health & Human Services to provide critical services to the most vulnerable among us. MANP has worked to coordinate feedback from the provider community to improve administrative processes for nonprofit service providers.

Small Business Advocates Office

The Small Business Advocate’s office manages the Regulatory Fairness Board and helps businesses, nonprofit and for-profit, resolve issues with state regulations. We have been working with the Board and the Advocate to find efficiencies in licensing and contracting and encouraging our members to do the same.