Advocacy Rights

Advocacy is an important role of the nonprofit sector, providing a voice for the voiceless in our society. Very often, advocacy is the most effective way for nonprofits to achieve their missions.

  • MANP supports proposals that encourage the advocacy activities of the sector.
  • MANP supports policies and proposals that build the capacity of nonprofits to advocate.
  • MANP encourages policies, regulations and proposals that seek the voice of nonprofits on public policies.

Current + Past Efforts

Partners in Health & Human Services

A large percentage of our membership contracts with the Maine Department of Health & Human Services to provide critical services to the most vulnerable among us. MANP works to improve opportunities for the nonprofit provider community to influence decisions made by the department.

Federal Istook Amendment

In 1995, an effort to restrict nonprofit advocacy rights was hotly contested. Known as the Istook Amendment, named for Rep. Ernest J. Istook Jr., Republican of Oklahoma, this legislation would have forbid government grantees from engaging in advocacy and, conversely, would have prevented organizations that carried out advocacy efforts from receiving government grants. MANP worked with Maine’s Congressional delegation to defeat this harmful provision.