Advocating + Lobbying

Maine’s nonprofit sector is very diverse, but there are issues that we all have in common. On those issues, MANP monitors public policy on both the state and federal level and will lobby and advocate for better policies.

“MANP has proven to be the best advocate and resource for nonprofits in general in the State of Maine.”
– MANP Member 

The issues include:

  • Accountability
  • Nonprofit Advocacy Rights
  • Charitable Giving & Volunteering Incentives
  • Tax-exemption: Property, Sales, Income
  • Nonprofit/Government Relations

MANP’s Criteria for Public Policy Positions

Our lobbying is done by our staff and volunteers, and we work in coalition with other nonprofits. We follow strict criteria when deciding to take action on a public policy issue.

  • Fit: Does the issue/initiative match the mission of MANP and its members and fit within MANP’s advocacy guidelines?
  • Impact: Does the issue/initiative have significant implications for MANP members and/or Maine’s nonprofit organizations?
  • Support: Is there, or do we reasonably anticipate that there will be, general informed support for the proposed position among the members of the Maine Association of Nonprofits?
  • Credibility: Will MANP be perceived as a legitimately concerned and appropriate advocate for the position to be taken?

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