Nonprofit Research

2019 Spread the News Webinar

Spread the News: New Data Finds Maine Nonprofits Invest $12 Billion Annually – Key Talking Points, Tips, and Tools on Connecting with Legislators & the Media

Tired of playing defense? Nonprofits are vitally important to Maine communities, yet many community members and most decision makers remain in the dark about the value of the nonprofit sector. In order to shift the paradigm from being viewed as liabilities to being recognized as key partners and assets, we all need to work together to spread the news about the sector. Attend this webinar and learn about the important economic impact Maine nonprofits have in the state and in Maine communities (data has been updated). Get tips and tools on how to effectively communicate these messages to decision makers and the media and on the use of social media. Be part of the movement.

Webinar recorded January 8, 2019.