Executive Transitions Toolkit

While there is risk in executive transition, but there is also tremendous opportunity for reflection, change, and organizational growth. When well planned and considered, leadership transitions can result in significantly stronger organizations.

MANP’s Mission-Driven Executive Transitions Toolkit is designed to give small to mid-sized organizations a framework they can use, anchored in  to design a thoughtful process to find an executive director who fits the current and future leadership needs of the organization.

This easy-to-follow 30-page toolkit will walk your board through the three phases of executive transitions management:

  • Prepare: Sharpen strategic direction and assess strengths, opportunities, and risks.
  • Search: Identify and hire a new chief executive, while also stabilizing the organization in preparation for a new leader.
  • Thrive: Support the new leader, ensuring they get off to a good start and are set up for success.

Each section includes:

  • a checklist;
  • a list of recommended reading;
  • guiding questions;
  • insights directly from others who have experienced, led or advised leadership transitions; and
  • a list of templates and samples included with the toolkit (22 total!) so you can avoid reinventing any wheels.

MANP knows that each leadership transition is unique. Your organization is rooted in core values that guide your focus and actions. In addition the resources, tools and advice in this toolkit, we encourage you to use these “deep roots” to anchor and support your organization’s executive transition process.


“This kit was incredible. The price of $50 was a pittance compared to its value to me and our Transition Committee. It’s worth many times that price.” 

“We have been using the toolkit extensively to guide our transition team and found the information to be practical and useful. We couldn’t have been successful as a transition team without the toolkit! I am certain the toolkit saved us tens of thousands of dollars. This is a huge win for any non-profit. I can’t thank MANP enough for creating such an excellent resource.” 

“I have been using the toolkit to try to formalize an outline of our Executive Transtion process, and found it very helpful in terms of the different things that need to be considered.  I also downloaded a toolkit from another organization and the MANP toolkit is far better!!! It contains a wealth of information and specific guidance that is very very helpful.”

Cost + Ordering

Thanks to the generous support of Sam L. Cohen Foundation and Healey & Associates, this toolkit is available at an extremely affordable price:

  • $50 MANP Members
  • $100 MANP NonMembers

This is an electronic publication, so after you order, it will be available immediately through your MANP Online account, along with all the related samples and templates.