Executive Search Services

A leadership transition is an organizational development opportunity rather than a crisis to be overcome as quickly as possible. Executive transition provides an opening to assess organizational strengths and weaknesses, identify priorities, and seek a leader who can move the organization forward. Rushing to fill the void without thinking through the organization’s leadership needs for the future not only misses this strategic opportunity, but can lead to more costly multiple turnovers in the executive director position.

Hiring an executive director is one of the top responsibilities of a Board of Directors and outside guidance can be invaluable to a successful outcome. 

How Can MANP Help?

As part of MANP’s Mission Driven “Leadershift” Initiative, MANP provides a range of services and support to help our members safeguard the crucial work of their organizations beyond any single leader, including a cost-effective toolkit, an on-demand board training, and discounted managed search services (more below). In addition, MANP offers a business and consultant directory which includes Maine consultants who assist in leadership transition in a variety of capacities in addition to many other types of services and vendors. Reach out to helpdesk@nonprofitmaine.org and we are here to help point you to services and support that are a fit for your particular circumstances!

Managed Search

In recognition of the significant investment organizations can make hiring consultant support to fully manage an executive search MANP conducted a thorough process to identify endorsed executive search partners who:

  • have extensive experience providing executive search and leadership transitions guidance to Maine nonprofits;
  • demonstrate deep commitment to, and understanding of, Maine’s unique nonprofit sector;
  • model values of genuine partnership with their clients and MANP; and
  • offer MANP members competitive prices and excellent overall value.

Typical support in a managed search includes:

  • Assessment of the organization’s strengths, challenges and strategic leadership needs.
  • Support to develop a clear and compelling guiding documents such as a position profile, job description, job ad, and compensation package.
  • Design and implementation of an effect search process, including proactive candidate sourcing, that results in a strong candidate pool aligned with organizational needs.
  • Candidate screening and support to the board in selecting a candidate.

We encourage organizations seeking search services for executive directors and other key senior leadership positions to contact MANP’s endorsed partners.



Jeff Wahlstrom