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Leadership Transitions Training

MANP offers training for Maine organizations that are anticipating and managing the departure of their executive director and the hiring of a new leader.

Why Get Training About Leadership Transition?

A change in leadership is a pivotal moment in the life of a nonprofit organization. Handled well, a successful leadership transition can strengthen and move an organization forward.

With a carefully designed and managed transition process, the departure of an executive director is an opportunity for the organization to reflect on its mission and vision and to think creatively about its leadership needs.

For more background, read Stepping Up A Board’s Challenge in Leadership Transition.

About MANP’s Leadership Transition Training

Our two-hour leadership transition training helps Maine nonprofit boards of directors effectively manage the transition process and prepare for a new executive director. This training is based on a proven executive transitions management (ETM) model developed by CompassPoint Nonprofit Services and the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

For additional support, referral to leadership transition consultants is also available.

Order a Training

To order a customized training program for your organization, or to get more information, contact: Molly O’Connell by email.