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Leadership Institute

MANP’s Nonprofit Leadership Institute provides executive directors with dedicated time and space to reflect, set goals, and develop action plans to not only strengthen their leadership, but to catalyze cultures of learning and shared leadership within their organizations.

2017 Leadership Institute Participants

Rooted in leadership development best practices and a commitment to practical application, this three-day intensive program guides nonprofit executive directors to:

  • build self and social awareness for stronger staff, board, and community relationships;
  • recognize and build on their signature strengths;
  • cultivate a personal leadership vision and the capacity to hold a long-term vision of possibility for the organization;
  • apply systems thinking tools to understanding and solving challenges;
  • develop coaching skills for growing the next generation of leaders;
  • enhance team leadership skills for both informal (coalition and community) and formal (board and staff) teams;
  • create a learning community of peers; and
  • plan for an ongoing learning strategy beyond the Institute.

This program empowers participants to shape and guide adaptable, effective organizations that are respected partners in creating, sustaining, and improving Maine’s quality of life.

“The most valuable part of the Leadership Institute was the fact that each segment of learning included actual tools that I can use immediately. Sessions went beyond discussion of the theory of leadership and based it on real issues and challenges we are facing in our organizations and allowed us to work through those issues.”
-2017 Leadership Institute alum

2018 Schedule

The 2018 program will take place June 14-16 at Unity College in Unity, Maine. The curriculum includes evening activities, and lodging at the College is included in the program cost. Attendance all three days is required.


The cost of the 2018 program is $900 for members and $1,500 for nonmembers. Limited scholarship assistance is available.

To Apply

Participants are encouraged to review the application questions and prepare responses in advance before completing the online application, which must be done in one sitting.

Online applications for the program will be accepted until Friday, April 13, 2018.

  • Note: You will need to log in to your personal MANP account to complete the application. If you do not have a MANP online account, you can easily create one – membership is not required to have an account and each individual can have their own account. (Please do not update the name on a predecessor’s record).
  • For assistance, contact MANP at 207-871-1885 or Learn@NonprofitMaine.org.

Sponsors + Partners

This program was made possible by the generous support of The Betterment Fund and the Maine Community Foundation, and was designed in partnership with Panta Rei Consulting.