Nonprofits serve the community, and as a result, should function with integrity and efficiency and should address violations within the sector.

  • MANP supports an appropriate level of government regulation and enforcement to protect the public’s interest while upholding the integrity of the nonprofit sector.
  • MANP promotes vigilance in maintaining excellence in the sector, speaks out against abuses of trust within the sector, and promotes the highest level of accountability within the sector.
  • MANP encourages policies that strengthen the management capacity of nonprofits.

Current + Past Efforts

Nonprofit Capacity Building Initiative

Neither state nor federal government has established an entity to support the development and effectiveness of the nonprofit sector. The Small Business Administration provides such support to local business, the Government Accountability Office ensures the effectiveness of government programs, but there is no comparable government program for nonprofits. We continue to look for opportunities to push governmental support for building the management effectiveness of Maine’s nonprofits.

Maine’s Nonprofit Corporation Act

MANP members were well represented during the formation of this legislation, which made several changes to Maine’s Nonprofit Corporation Act . Members of the working committee worked through the Fall of 2001 and the Winter and Spring of 2002 to create legislation that addressed the needs of many constituents to better regulate nonprofit conversions while not putting undue burden on Maine’s nonprofit organizations.

Panel on the Nonprofit Sector

The Panel on the Nonprofit Sector was convened in October 2004 at the encouragement of the leaders of the Senate Finance Committee to consider and recommend actions to strengthen good governance and ethical conduct within public charities and private foundations. They issued a final report in June 2005 and a supplement to the final report in April 2006, which, together, contain nearly 150 recommendations. A few of these reforms were included in the Pension Protection Act of 2006. MANP incorporated several of the Panel’s recommendations in the formation of the Guiding Principles + Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Maine.