Issues + Campaigns

MANP lobbies on behalf of the entire sector to assure an environment that allows Maine nonprofits to thrive and effectively serve their communities. Learn more in our 2019 Public Policy Agenda. Our membership is broad-based, so we focus on issues common to all nonprofits:

Nonprofit Advocacy Rights

Advocacy is an important role of the nonprofit sector. The right to advocate for mission needs to be preserved and promoted. Read more about our efforts in this area.


Nonprofits serve the community and as a result should function with integrity and efficiency and should address violations within their own sector. Read more about our efforts in this area.

Tax Policy

Taxes and tax policy are important to nonprofits because taxes finance government programs and services, many of which are delivered by nonprofits or received directly by those served by nonprofits. Tax exemption is earned every day by our public-serving nonprofits and deserves to be preserved. Tax policy can also serve as an incentive for giving to charitable organizations. Read more about our efforts in this area.

The Essential Role of Government + Its Partnership with the Nonprofit Sector

It is the role and duty of government to provide for and promote the safety, prosperity and general welfare of its citizens. The nonprofit community is dedicated to the same goals of public service and should be a leader in advocating for policies that recognize and support the fulfillment of this primary mission of government. Read more about our efforts in this area.

Charitable Giving + Volunteerism

Public policy should recognize and support the important roles of volunteer service and private philanthropy in improving the lives of citizens and the quality of life in Maine. Read more about our efforts in this area.