Many Missions – One Voice

“The communities we serve and the issues we care about suffer when we are fragmented and isolated. Now more than ever, nonprofits need to unite around our common values, develop a shared vision and priorities, and exercise our collective voice for a better future.”
-Audrey Alvarado, Co-Founder of the Nonprofit Congress

About Our Work

Meet our Advocacy Committee, the MANP Advocacy Network members, and learn about our education, public awareness, and lobbying efforts.

Nonprofits at the State House

Every year, early in the legislative session, we bring nonprofits to the State House to raise awareness of the critical role nonprofits play in our state and strengthen relationships between policy makers and nonprofit staff and volunteers.

Voter Engagement

Nonprofits know their communities and their issues. We work with Nonprofit Vote to ensure every eligible nonprofit volunteer, staff member, and constituent is educated and votes. We also survey candidates and post their responses.

Issues + Campaigns

We lobby and advocate on behalf of the sector. Learn about the issues and campaigns on which we work.

Take Action

Find coalitions and legislators, get informed, take action to make Maine a great place to work, live and raise a family.